is an accurate predictor of stock price movement from one to ten days in advance
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Predict stock price or index movement
with the highest accuracy on the market!
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Symbol Actual Forecast Accuracy
Nasdaq compositive index
COMPQ 2413.21 2436.04 99.05%
S & P 500 Index
SPX 1396.71 1399.86 99.77%
Applied Materials
AMAT 17.73 18.13 97.73%
DIA 122.05 121.34 99.42%
International Bus. Machines
IBM 91.25 91.24 99.98%
Motorola Inc.
MOT 21.83 21.90 99.68%
Microsoft Corp.
MSFT 29.11 29.29 99.37%
NASDAQ 100 Trust
QQQQ 43.65 43.95 99.31%
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