is an accurate predictor of stock price movement from one to ten days in advance
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Predict stock price or index movement
with the highest accuracy on the market!
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Symbol Actual Forecast Accuracy
Nasdaq compositive index
COMPQ 2465.98 2465.08 99.96%
S & P 500 Index
SPX 1406.09 1404.71 99.90%
Applied Materials
AMAT 18.37 18.15 98.79%
DIA 123.24 123.63 99.68%
International Bus. Machines
IBM 93.52 93.22 99.67%
Motorola Inc.
MOT 22.36 21.90 97.95%
Microsoft Corp.
MSFT 29.91 29.84 99.76%
NASDAQ 100 Trust
QQQQ 44.73 44.68 99.89%
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   provides its subscribers with the innovative forecasting tools based on Neural Networks and conventional algorithmic stock price "wave’s" analysis, digital filtration and estimation of the "discontinuous" historical date base. Our software internal logic is designed to predict company to invest, to analyze and calculate annual growth rate from potential investment’s, stock price trends and fluctuations, movement direction and "Sell-Hold-Buy" signals with stunning, scientifically proven accuracy.

The most powerful step in the profit making strategy is in choosing the best company to invest in and our advanced software will work for you, the investor!

To maximize the profit from investment we recommend FOUR steps strategy: