is an accurate predictor of stock price movement from one to ten days in advance
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Symbol Actual Forecast Accuracy
Nasdaq compositive index
COMPQ 2413.21 2436.04 99.05%
S & P 500 Index
SPX 1396.71 1399.86 99.77%
Applied Materials
AMAT 17.73 18.13 97.73%
DIA 122.05 121.34 99.42%
International Bus. Machines
IBM 91.25 91.24 99.98%
Motorola Inc.
MOT 21.83 21.90 99.68%
Microsoft Corp.
MSFT 29.11 29.29 99.37%
NASDAQ 100 Trust
QQQQ 43.65 43.95 99.31%
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What is

Stock-Forecasting is the innovative, dependable "Mechanical Trading System" created for you, the investor, in an effort to optimize returns while minimizing risks. Our technology is based on an advanced structural harmonic wave analysis, digital filtration and predictions accuracy estimation of the "discontinuous" stock prices date base. Stock-Forecasting’s internal logic is designed to find the "best" industry and company to invest in; to analyze and predict the investment’s profit growth rate, stock price trends and fluctuations, movement direction and "Sell-Hold-Buy" signals with stunning, scientifically proven accuracy. As a registered subscriber, you will have the ability to access more than thousands companies and indexes forecasting trends for both short and long-term strategies and can choose those which adhere to your personal preferences.

What our technology does to find the industries and companies with the most effective return?

The "Company Finder" is designed to automatically find the company with the greatest expectation of the investment return. The "Company Finder" is a trading algorithm based on the market cycle tendencies and on an innovative adaptive digital technology and "discontinuous" database with more than 20,000 companies and 500 indexes trading on the traditional US market (AMEX. NYSE. NASDAQ. OTC…).

The main goal for the "Company Finder" is to analyze stock forecasting trends for every company from thousands to make a decision: Buy, Hold, or Sell according to predicted trading signals; accumulate "Profit/Lost" for years of simulated daily "trade" on the Stock-Forecasting "System Trader" and compute the "Profit Growth Rate". The company with the greatest calculated expectation of the Profit Growth Rate can, in potential, maximize the investment. But, finally, only you, the INVESTOR, can make the decision of whether to "Buy or not to Buy".

Can you, the investor, estimate the Profit Growth Rate for the company of your choice?

The "PROFIT GROWTH RATE calculator" is a completely automatic software that will simulate trade starting from a specific initial investment $ amount chosen by the subscriber, and finally will compute the "RELATIVE PROFIT, %" for a company of your chose with the "today" update data base.

How does predict stock prices?

It is supported by newly invented mathematical formulas based on the idea of non-linear structural analysis of economic non-periodic time series with the final decompression of "trend + noise" signals. The mathematical model, digital filter, and software include unique technology that forecasts stock prices.

What is the prediction’s ACCURACY and how it help to invest?

FORECASTING ACCURACY is an actual accumulated record of statistical difference of the forecasting price on a trade and the actual fill price. ACCURACY is calculated for open, close, low, high and average quotes, for every day of trade, going back 50 days (weeks) from the last day of trade, to the same trading day of the actual historical quotes. Average "AVG ACCURACY" is a statistical average value of daily accumulated accuracy numbers. The Accuracy Level actually shows the maximum quality that can be expected in the long run with our predictions.

How does work the stock price’s forecasting?
The Stock-Forecasting software allows a computer to attain information from a historical set of data (high, low, open, close, and volume), find a mathematical pattern, generated "Buy-Hold-Sell" and formulate future stock behavior for a time-frame period from 10 business days in advance and up to 6 months ahead.

  • Type a company symbol. You can press "Load" button to load all symbols in a list;
  • Choose your strategy to predict and set: "Daily (10 days prediction)", "Weekly (2 months prediction)" or "Monthly (6 months prediction)";
  • Click "Forecast" button;
  • Click "Show source data" if you want to view the source data list. Then enter the task code of the company you wish to predict.
As a result you receive a Forecasting Tables and Forecasting Graphics which contains predicted data in a specified time-frame interval.
What should be my strategy?
To maximize the profit from investment we recommend
FOUR steps strategy:
1. Find the industries and companies with the most profitable estimated return and compute the expected "Profit Growth Rate" from potential investment.
2. Predict company stock price (open, close, high, low and average), trends, turning points, movement direction, and "BUY-SELL-HOLD" signals.
3. Test the historical record of company prediction's accuracy by comparing forecasted quotes with actual trading stock quotes data base, years up to now.
4. Analyze the difference between a theoretical - predicted price on trade and actual fill price for 30 industries and thousands of companies over the years of the historical data base.

If, unsure, we provide a list of companies that depict the highest ACCURACY of prediction which fit best according to our mathematical model. You can find these companies by going to "Statistics".
What does the Forecasting Table and Graphics show?

As a result you receive a table which contains predicted data in a specified interval. There are seven columns, including the prediction date and predicted values of the open, close, low, and high price. In addition each table contains on "Average" column which is the predicted average price for the day: (Open + Close + Low + High) / 4 and "Vector" column. Each raw show quote: "OPEN, CLOSE, LOW, HIGH, AVERAGE and Vector" accordingly with day (week or month) of the forecasting. The last row shows ACCURACY for open, close, low and average quotes. Vector’s column calculates change of Forecasting Average Price relatively to "today" actual price. Strategy Column, "Buy, Hold or Sell" decision is based on mathematically predicted turning points (relative minimum or maximum value of stock quotes vs. time).

The graph is detailed by a key that color codes actual quotes and predicted quotes. Every single day (week or month) on the graphic shows: open, close, low and high quotes. The HIGH value is the maximum point on the vertical line. The LOW value is the minimum point. The CLOSE and OPEN value is shown on the graph in vertical rectangle. If it's shaded then the OPEN price is higher then CLOSING. On the other hand, if it's not shaded then the CLOSING price is higher then the OPENING price.