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Symbol Actual Forecast Accuracy
Nasdaq compositive index
COMPQ 2460.26 2472.12 99.52%
S & P 500 Index
SPX 1400.95 1408.05 99.49%
Applied Materials
AMAT 18.52 18.10 97.74%
DIA 122.68 123.81 99.08%
International Bus. Machines
IBM 93.35 93.44 99.90%
Motorola Inc.
MOT 22.46 22.51 99.77%
Microsoft Corp.
MSFT 29.76 30.01 99.18%
NASDAQ 100 Trust
QQQQ 44.65 45.00 99.22%
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Profit Growth Rate Calculator
  • ANNUAL GROWTH RATE Calculator is a completely automatic software that simulates trade with a specific initial investment $ amount for the company chosen by the subscriber.

  • ANNUAL GROWTH RATE Calculator will analyze the stock forecasting 10 day predictions trend for the chosen company to make a decision: Buy, Hold or Sell according to predicted trading signals, accumulate "Profit/Lost" for years of simulated daily "trade" on the Stock-Forecasting "System Trader" and compute the "Annual Growth Rate"
Step 1.Type the company code in the "COMPANY" window. For example: "ATK"

Step 2.Type the potential investment amount that you plan to spend at the window "MONEY TO INVEST". For example: $1000

Step 3.Click on "RATE CALCULATIONS".

The Results will appear at the table 1:

Table1. Profit Growth Rate
Start Amount, $ Result Amount, $ Relative Profit, % Absolute Profit, $
$1000.00 $1433.38 43.34% $433.38

From the results of Profit Growth Rate calculations, you can estimate the profit from the potential investment in the chosen company.

Table2. Daily dynamic record of the "trade" – simulator "System Trader".
Date Price, $ Predicted
Price, $
Action Action
Price, $
Profit, $
Amnt, $
Amount, $
29.01.2004 $58.23 $0.00 Buy 17 $989.91 $0.00 $10.09 $1000.00
30.01.2004 $56.20 $58.51 Hold 0 $0.00 -$34.51 $10.09 $965.49
02.02.2004 $58.02 $55.28 Hold 0 $0.00 -$3.57 $10.09 $996.43

To view full table go to Company Finder

All calculations are based on the historical date base and could be projected in the short future with some level of statistical uncertainty. Our research was done on thousands of companies, and it displays a high level of statistical accuracy (go to "Software Performance Analysis"), but Stock-Forecasting does not recommend our "Mechanical Trading System" as an ABSOLUTLY PERFECT SOLUTION and can not be responsible for any loss or gain during the trade.