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Customer Testimonial
7 May, 2008
“I just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful picks over the last few months. I've subscribed to many stock sites and none of them even come close to yours when it comes to stocks that really do move up."

Larry, FL

10 June, 2008
“I have enlisted your services once before and I am doing it again for a long term basis. I was wondering how long you planned on keeping your site open. I have been telling all my friends and co-workers about your site.”

Scott, MI
Testing & Comparison
Test our forecasting strategies against historical market data
In order to test the accuracy of our forecasting, we designed a special method which allows us to calculate level of prediction ACCURACY (go to Forecasting Basics to learn more about forecasting accuracy).

The main reason for calculating ACCURACY is to scientifically analyze the quality of prediction. FORECASTING ACCURACY is an actual accumulated record of statistical difference of the forecasting price on a trade and the actual fill price.

For instance: "open" quotes hypothetic company XYZ was predicted at $20.50, but actual opening was $20.00 in the same trading day. The ACCURACY of the "open" price prediction calculates as 1.00–abs(20-20.50)/20, and will be equal 97.5%. ACCURACY is calculated for open, close, low, high and average quotes, for every day of trade, going back 50 days from the last day of trade, to the same trading day of the actual historical quotes. The next step is to add all 50 historical days "open" prices ACCURACY together, statistically forming a single number AVG ACCURACY. Finally, the program will calculate AVG ACCURACY for "close, high, low and average" the same manner with the investor being able to view the results printed on the last row of the forecasting table.