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7 May, 2008
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10 June, 2008
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Scott, MI
Profit Growth Rate Calculator
Profit Calculator shows what your hypothetical profits might have been if you had traded by using our forecasting technology
Profit Growth Rate Calculator is completely automatic software that simulates virtual trade with a specific initial investment amount and then tests the analytical trading strategies against company actual historical data base.
Profit Growth Rate Calculator will analyze the stock forecasting trend of the chosen company to make a decision: Buy, Hold or Sell; according to predicted trading signals, accumulate "Profit/Lost" for 300 days of simulated daily "virtual trade" and compute the "Annual Growth Rate".
Profit Growth Rate Calculator is a "virtual analytical trader" with "Buy-Low, Sell-High" investment strategy.
The Annual Growth Rate algorithm considers a dynamic characteristics
- "Take Profit" – sell if stock price moving up 2% and
- "Stop Losses"- sell if prediction was directed wrong and stock actually lost 10% of initial value and going down instead of up.

To calculate company Annual Growth Rate you can follow a three step solution:

Step 1. Type the company code in the "COMPANY" window. For example: "LTM"

Step 2. Type the potential investment amount that you plan to spend at the window "MONEY TO INVEST". For example: $1000

Step 3. Click on "RATE CALCULATIONS".

The Results will appear at the table:

Profit Growth Rate.
Start Amount, $Result Amount, $Relative Profit, %Absolute Profit, $

From the results of Profit Growth Rate calculations, you can estimate the annual profit from the potential investment in the chosen company.