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Customer Testimonial
7 May, 2008
“I just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful picks over the last few months. I've subscribed to many stock sites and none of them even come close to yours when it comes to stocks that really do move up."

Larry, FL

10 June, 2008
“I have enlisted your services once before and I am doing it again for a long term basis. I was wondering how long you planned on keeping your site open. I have been telling all my friends and co-workers about your site.”

Scott, MI
What is (SF) provides innovative web-based software that maximizes investor profits through the use of stock, index and fund forecasting.
SF is designed to determine the "best" company to invest in by analyzing and predicting stock prices, trends, and fluctuations. Using incredible accuracy through scientific calculations, SF provides "Buy" and "Sell" signals to extend and maximize profits.

What does SF software offer?
1. Forecasts on Demand – Investors' stock prices are predicted providing Open, Close, High, and Low values in the short and long term.
2. Portfolio Manager – analyzes and incorporates stock forecasts through the use of a unique trade simulator to provide a comprehensive report to make trading easy.
3. Buy/Sell Advisor – Investors are provided with easy to use Buy, Sell, or Hold signals to make trading easier than ever.
4. Profit Calculator - calculates the potential profit for short and long-term investments.
5. Vector Screener – allows stock traders to find a company within any industry with the fastest growing price to help with stock selection.
6. Company Finder – Stock and Industry recommendations to help you, the investor, choose the most profitable investment strategy.
7. Alerts - Daily e-mail alerts with next-day forecasting quotes and trading signals for all companies in your portfolio.
All calculations are based on innovative neural network-based technology and advanced statistical methods with constantly analyzed accuracy.

What does Stock-Forecasting do to find the industries and companies with the most effective return?
Our unique Company Finder feature automatically finds the company with the greatest expectation of investment return. The Company Finder is a trading algorithm based on market cycle tendencies, continuously adapting digital technology, and "discontinuous" worldwide database.

Forecasts are available in the short and long term for all investment strategies and investors to succeed.

Can you, the investor, estimate the Profit Growth Rate for the company of your choice?
The Profit Calculator incorporates real-time simulation software that caters to your company of choice. The Profit Calculator computes the expected yield and the Relative Profit Percentage tailored to your investment strategy.

How does predict stock prices?
Neural networks function in a similar fashion as the human brain. Our software mathematically compares existing stock-trading patterns with previous patterns and analyzes these interconnections with real-time updates. The newly incorporated digital filter includes a unique technology that is supported by mathematical formulas based on the idea of non-linear structural analysis of economic non-periodic time series with the final decompression of "trend + noise" signals. By using our innovative neural network-based technology, you can make money in both bear and bull markets.

What is the Forecasting Accuracy?
Forecasting Accuracy calculates open, close, low, high and average quotes up to 50 days prior to the actual trading day. "Avg Accuracy" is a statistical average value composed of daily-accumulated accuracy numbers. The Accuracy Level shows the maximum quality that can be expected in the long run from our predictions.

How does stock price forecasting work?
The Stock-Forecasting software attains information from a historical set of data (high, low, open, close, and volume), finds a mathematical pattern and calculates stocks’ future behavior for short (10 business days) or long periods (6 months) in advance.
Type a company symbol. You can press the "Find" button to get a symbol from the list;
Choose your strategy to predict: "Daily (10 days prediction)" or "Monthly (6 months prediction)";
Click the "Forecast" button;

What should my strategy be?
  1. Find the industries and companies with the most profitable estimated return and compute the expected "Profit Growth Rate" from potential investment.
  2. Predict company stock price's (open, close, high, low and average) trend, turning points, vector's movement direction and "BUY-SELL" signals.
  3. Test the historical record of company's prediction accuracy by comparing forecasted quotes with the actual trading stock quotes database, years up to now.

What do the Forecasting Table and Graphics show?
Forecasting Table contains predicted data in specified intervals. There are seven columns, including the prediction date and predicted values of the open, close, low, and high prices. In addition, each table contains an "Average" column, which is the predicted average price for the day: (Open + Close + Low + High) / 4 and a "Vector" column. Each raw quote shows: "Open, Close, Low, High, Average and Vector" accordingly with the day (or month) of the forecasting. The last row shows Accuracy for open, close, high, low and average quotes. The vector column calculates change of the Forecasting Average Price relatively to the "today" actual price. The "Buy, Hold or Sell" decision is based on mathematically predicted turning points (relative minimum or maximum values of stock quotes vs. time).

The Graphic is detailed by a key that color-codes actual quotes and predicted quotes. Every single day, week, or month on the graphic shows open, close, low and high quotes. The High value is the maximum point on the vertical line. The Low value is the minimum point. The Close and Open values are shown on the graph in the vertical rectangle.