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Why the investor should consider using Stock-Forecasting (SF)
  • Our goal is to generate accurate stock forecasts - we are committed to it at every level
  • SF uses state of the art software to predict stock prices on the worldwide market, generates trading "Buy-Sell" signals, computes the most profitable company to invest in and analyzes the accuracy of its predictions
  • SF is powerful, fast and accurate software, offering great value for a limited cost
  • Whether you are a day-trader or a long-term investor our site for you!
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Stock-Forecasting (SF) offers to subscribers:
Our software will forecast the Stock Price’s Trend, Turning Points, Movement Vector's Direction, and "Buy-Sell" Signals with stunning accuracy for both a short- and long-term investment strategy.
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The Company Screener is a unique tool to find company with the profitable return.
The Portfolio Manager combines SF investment strategies into a single report.
The Profit Calculator will estimate the potential profit from investment.
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Every evening, an updated email will alert you, the investor, about Forecasting Quotes and Movement signals for all of the companies in your active portfolio for next business day.
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The computation and analysis of the companies' stock quotes vs. actual trading historical record will help you to analyze the prediction accuracy and find the stocks that meet your criteria.
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Conduct a forecasting accuracy back test over the years of historical records for 30 industries and thousands of companies.
NO software to download, completely web-based, automatically updates.
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